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  • Power Factor Correction
  • Short Circuit Calculations
  • Circuit Designer
  • Maximum Demand
  • Air Conditioning
  • Control Wiring Schematics
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  • Temperature Rise In Boards
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  • Earth Loop Impedance
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    Our software is currently being used globally throughout South East Asia, The Middle East, Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe & the USA by thousands of users in the electrical industry, including Electrical Contractors, Engineers, Consultants, Government Organisations, Power Stations, Gas, Oil & Mining Companies, Aeronautical, Marine & Automotive Industries, Military, and Multi-National Companies. Some of our major clients include:
  • United Nations
  • British Army
  • United States Army & Navy
  • Royal Australian Air Force
  • Atomic Energy Authority
  • Federal Aviation Authority
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Rolls Royce
  • Toshiba
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toyota
  • General Electric
  • Texas Oil
  • Bosch
  • Dr. Salih Mustafa Stroshey - University of Duhok, College of engineering - Duhok, Iraq:
  • "1. Your software is very helpful to me.
    2. Your staff are always very helpful.
    3. I would certainly recommend your software to others."

  • Frank Hooi - Product Manager Compact Resources Pte Ltd - Singapore:
  • "Your software helps our clients to have an idea of an actual air conditioner load for a specific area. From our experience with your software, especially for small establishments, we have found quite a few of such places have undersized air conditioners."

  • Hafizah Salleh - PERWIRA AL-SHURA CONSULTING ENGINEERS SDN. BHD, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • "Solutions Electrical is very useful and helpful to our engineers. We would highly recommend it to others. Your staff were always very helpful with our questions. Thank you."

  • Louis - R I & D Projects CC - South Africa:
  • "This program is awesome! We commend Solutions Electrical Software for their friendly and speedy reply on each and every e-mail, enquiry & request etc".

  • M.Al-Hajri - Petroleum Development of Oman - Muscat, Oman:
  • "I am impressed on the Solutions Electrical Engineering software which I found to be so powerful, fast and easy to use. The software does reduce the time tremendously and efficiently with calculations. I would definitely recommend this software. The support team were so helpful and were quick in replying to my queries. Solution Electrical Engineering is professional software."

  • T.Gamal - Mansoura Petroleum Company - Cairo, Egypt:
  • "Solutions Electrical Software is helpful to us in the electrical operations, to give us more accurate results. Solutions Electrical staff were more than helpful to us. We would recommend this software to any of our sister companies (oil & gas)."

  • M.A.Khan - Projects Manager (Electrical) - NAKHEEL PJSC - Dubai, UAE:
  • "I hereby would like to appreciate everyone associated with "Solutions Electrical Software" business. You were well-timed in forwarding me new license key absolute “free of charge” in a situation where my laptop was formatted due to hardware problem. This needs sincere words of praise for your team. Earlier, I was always running out of time as Electrical Engineer. Now my life is changed after using this software since last one year. The Solutions Electrical Software is worth a fortune."

  • J. Roodt - Senior Electrical Supervisor, Chirano Gold Mines Ltd, Ghana:
  • "Solutions Electrical software has been most helpful. It reduces our time a great deal. I would recommend it to others. It's been great in reducing the time we spend planning new projects."

  • M.Ahmed - Senior Electrical Engineer, Dubai, UAE:
  • "Solutions Electrical is very fast and easy to use. It reduces many hours of our work because it does all calculations and drawings for us. We are able to get more work done and gain more accurate results and calculations. We will continue to buy more user licences as our Engineering team grows."

  • Allan - Arab Engineering Bureau, Qatar:
  • "YES this software has surely been helpful. You won't be needing any catalog from the supplier or manufacturer to check their standard, and no need of long calculations... just one click & what you need is there. I was asking lots of questions for help in regards to this software and Yes, the Technical Support were there everytime. For the fast growing of technology, and demand of works in regards to electrical construction (specially here in Middle East), we need to catch-up and be competitive in the market. With this software I found and match the market competitiveness, you cannot see the effectiveness of this unless you try."

  • M.Adam - Baida Company, Libya:
  • "Yes your software has been helpful to us and reduces our work time and I would recommend it to other engineers. Your staff are very helpful and polite. I would like to inform you that your software gives us more confidence dealing with our customers."

  • Sophoclis - Freelance Consultant & Design Electrical Engineer, Cyprus:
  • "Please note that I have been using your software for the last nine months and has helped me in saving a lot of time. A project that I needed 4 days to design I can do it now in 4 to 5 hours. I am very happy with your Technical and Customer Service. Solutions Electrical is an excellent software which can be mastered in a few hours. Very user friendly and an excellent tool for Electrical Contractors and Consultants."

  • S.Rahman - Sar Jurutera Perunding - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:
  • "Your software has enabled me to produce designs in a very much lesser time than before and I am able to do it with more accuracy and confidence, and the support has been good. It is the solution I had been looking for. It increases our productivity and more importantly allows us to have more time to check the output vis-a vis the problem and application at hand. We are now able to reduce our turn around time and thus keep our clients happy. We also hope that it would lead us to have more business."

  • V. Suresh Kumar - Cheras, Malaysia:
  • "The Software was very useful in Designing from Tender Stage to Project Execution Stage. Saves time, fast and accurate. Reliable - Dont have to cross check again when you work out on Big projects. The technical support from your side is Quick. Glad to have the software."

  • Shaharuddin - Electrical Consultant - Kulala Lumpur, Malaysia:
  • "Industrial Pro Software saves me much time. It is fast and easy to use and it give me the results for cable calculations very fast and accurate. I am happy to have it and will recommend it."

  • Ramelan - Electrical Consultant - Jakarta, Indonesia:
  • "I would not work without this software now. I think I get more jobs now because the software always gives me the best priced design. We are more busy. Really glad for it. Thanks for all the support."

  • Rizal - Electrical Engineer - Manila, Philippines:
  • "Thank you for this program. We won't go without it now. It is fast, and saves us lots of time. It makes life so much easy. It means we can work faster and save time. The technical support is very helpful and fast."

  • James Teng - Senior Manager Technical Services - Singapore Cables Manufacturers Pte Ltd, Singapore:
  • "Solutions Electrical Software has been very useful, as it helps us to size cables. By using this software we can save time spent in working our formula etc in order to size cables as per BS 7671. Solutions Electrical provide a very good Customer Support."

  • A.Tehusijarana - Electrical Engineer, Jakarta, Indonesia:
  • "Solutions Electrical Engineering is very helpful, especially time saving because you don't need to do any of your calculations. One day my client from Malaysia asks me to calculate the drop voltage and the cable size during our site inspection, it was very easy for me, i just turned on my laptop and filled in the data and we have the answer."

  • Steven - Electrical Engineer, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia:
  • "Solutions Electrical is helpful, and forgiving. Really Happy with Technical Support & Customer Service, it is quick responding. The software is my optional benefit, it is an awesome software".

  • Timothy - Regulatory Services Engineer - PNG Power Ltd, Papua New Guinea:
  • "The software purchased was indeed very useful to our organisation since we are a power utility company. The software is very helpful to my Regulatory Section since most of the time-consuming activity of calculations and drawings, and so forth, are now gone. it really makes my work easier, because within seconds I get exactly what I require. The technical support of the supplier is readily on hand to answer to your queries when ever you contact them. Thanks Solutions Electrical for making my job easier."

  • David - Project Engineer - Nilsen Electrical, Australia:
  • When the Royal Air Force purchased multiple sets of portable radar stations, Tenix defence systems were the project co-ordinators, Nilsen electrical were responsible for the design and construction, the Project Engineer responsible for the design of the multi-million dollar military project says… “We Used Solutions Electrical software because of the exacting standards laid down by the military, it performed flawlessly for all our designs and calculations. Thanks to Solutions Electrical software we completed the job ahead of schedule and saved money at the same time. We would not be without it… Thanks for a brilliant program!"

  • D.Srinivasan. B.E (Elec) - DMS. - Electrical & Instrumentation consultant, Chennai, India:
  • "The design electrical software which I had purchased from your parent company located at Australia is being put into use right from 22-04-2008, the day of purchase. This electrical design software is very informative, very useful, very helpful and simple to use. The time spent by me with this software for design work is very minimal and I have amble time to spend on other useful activities. I had recommended this software to my other consultant friends. I also thank you very much for the wonderful service offered by you for purchasing this software and your continued support. I wish you and your company Solutions Electrical Software well and all the best in your Endeavours".
    Consultant to:
    1. Tamilnadu water investment company Ltd,Chennai, Tamilnadu, Chennai, India.
    2. IL & FS-Cluster Development Initiative Ltd,Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
    3. Stup Consultant Ltd, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
    4. Creative Environmental Consultant, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

  • D.Desai - Freelance Consultant, Surat, Gujarat, India:
  • "I do like very much this software as I have found that the software does the work of weeks in a day. Up until now I was doing designing work manually so I need weeks to do the work. Imagine a running load of 2300 kW having nearly 350 motors heaters - nearly 30% non-linear load for a generation capacity of 3000KVA - and to do all cable design etc manually. My experience of your promptness to respond to solve my queries is also excellent. Yes, the software is helpful as it does the work of calculations, drawings and audit work in very very short time. You have all really responded very well. The software really helps designer in his work by saving time that is all I can say now. I sincerely wish all of you prosperity in your work and future."

  • C.Singh - Chandigarh Electro Controls & Simartech Projects & Services Limited, India:
  • "I am using your electrical engineering design software, This is good software, easy to operate, immediate answers/reports, save time at least 10 times, I am very happy after using this software which is promoting & increasing my business and knowledge. I hope the best for Solutions Electrical".

  • S.Nangia - Janus Engineering Pvt Ltd, India:
  • "Solutions Electrical Software has been tremendously helpful. I Didn’t really require any support because it's pretty simple & intuitive. Now we have increased our productivity in the design phase by at least 30% after using your software and are in fact thinking of upgrading to the higher version."

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