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  • Cable Calculations
  • Installation Optimiser Designing
  • Installation Simulator
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Short Circuit Calculations
  • Circuit Designer
  • Maximum Demand
  • Air Conditioning
  • Control Wiring Schematics
  • Electrical Estimating Pro
  • Transformer Regulation
  • Temperature Rise In Boards
  • Co-ordination & Discrimination
  • Earth Loop Impedance
  • Water Heating Element
  • Heating Calculations
  • Test And Inspection Forms


    Industrial Pro Version: $ 1450 USD
    Fully Compliant to Standards
    IEE version includes all 17 of our Electrical Software Programs, listed below:
    (NEC/USA version programs will differ slightly from below, due to the NEC Standards. Ask for further details)

    Cable Calculations:
    Find all your:
    Cable sizes and capacity.
    Voltage drops
    Conduit sizes
    Fault Levels
    Fuse/CB sizes
    Working Temperatures.
    Touch Potentials.
    Input Your own Cable size!
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    Earth Loop Impedance Testing:
    Minimum Trip current needed to comply with:
    Earth Loop Impedance test
    Actual let through current
    Maximum impedance values (Ze)
    and the actual impedance values (in ohms)
    Total impedance values(Zs) for the complete installation (in ohms)
    Touch Potentials.
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    Maximum Demand:
    Perform a maximum demand in just minutes for:
    Industrial Installations
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    Test, Reporting & Inspection forms:
    Complete all test, reporting and inspection forms for all installations,
    Keeping and maintaining detailed records of your work
    Electrical Test Reporting
    Electrical Installation Certificate
    Periodic Inspection Report for an Electrical Installation.
    Schedule of inspections.
    Schedule of Test Results.
    Schedule of Circuits.
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    Water Heating Element:
    Quickly find the size of Water heating elements needed for hot water tanks. Including: –
    KW rating.
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    Heating & Heat Loss Calculations:
    Easily find the right amount of heating needed for all sizes of rooms/buildings etc in Just 3 Minutes...Guaranteed! Look Professional by printing out a Full Detailed Report and 3–D Bar chart. Calculates heat losses through walls, ceilings, floors, Air etc.
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    Air Conditioning:
    Find the right size of Air Conditioning for any size rooms/buildings in Just 3 Minutes…Guaranteed! Look Professional by Printing out a Full Detailed Report and 3–D Bar chart! Calculates heat gains through walls, ceilings, floors Air, etc.
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    Power Factor Correction:
    Save Money now with an Improved Power Factor, by improving Your Power Factor you will Instantly see a drop in your electricity Demand which means you will also see an immediate drop in your electricity bills and a Reduction in the Mains Cable sizes.
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    Installation Simulator:
    Create Electrical designs in Just minutes – Print out Computer Generated “Single Line” drawings. Cable sizes, Voltage drops. Conduit sizes. Cable Schedules. Minimum Trip current needed to comply with Earth Loop Impedance test (amps). Actual let through current (amps). Maximum impedance values (Ze) and the actual impedance values (in ohms). Total impedance values (Zs) for the complete installation (in ohms). Touch Potentials. Save drawings in AutoCAD format NO expensive drawing programmes to master!
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    Transformer Regulation:
    Know Your Secondary voltages for all Startup conditions and avoid “Brown Outs” or Contactor Chatter Calculates transformer secondary voltages for all Load conditions!
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    Short Circuit Calculations:
    Easily Perform a Short Circuit Analysis of Your Installation in less than 1 minute, displays Fault Currents in MVA, kA, & pf. Print out all Your Results!
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    Circuit Designer:
    Need to Find the Right size Cable for Lighting Circuits i.e. Street Lighting, High Bays, Fluorescents or any Series circuit in Just 10 seconds, create a Precision Design…Every Time!
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    Electrical Estimating Pro:
    Quickly produce Electrical Estimates because all the Times to Install the Electrical Equipment have all been worked out for You. With over 9,000 items of electrical equipment (Expandable to 20,000 items), create Assemblies and Sub Assemblies to speed up the Estimating Process it’s so Easy producing Professional Looking Estimates and Quotes and takes just minutes!
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    Control Wiring Schematics:
    Easily Complete all Your Control Wiring Schematics for Electrical, Electronic, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Fire Alarm Controls Circuits. symbols to ANSI and IEC standards.
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    Installation Optimiser:
    Amazing New Intelligent software analysis and selects Every Cable size in Your Installation for You Automatically including all Voltage drops creating a Precision Engineered Design with 100% accuracy. This means no more calculations, no more trying to work out voltage drops, No more Design work, No more Drawings to do, No more outsourcing, no more mistakes and Your job is completed 100 times Faster…Truly Remarkable! “Single line” and “As built” drawings including “Three phase schematic” diagrams are all computer generated in an Instant and fully marked-up with all Your Results, this means No more drawings and no expensive drawing packages to buy is needed…The Ultimate in Design Technology! The Short Circuit calculations, Earth Loop Impedance Compliance Testing, Touch Potentials are all completed Automatically and a Full Total Quantities Parts List produced in Just Seconds! For Existing Installations you can Input every cable size and Check for Compliance or Re-design it! - The Only Design Tool You’ll Ever Need!
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    Calculate Temperature Rise in Your Boards:
    Now You can Easily Know the temperatures in your Boards, i.e. Distribution Boards, MCC’s, Main Boards etc. Now Finding the temperatures at the Mid-Point and Top of Your Boards is as simple as:- Input Your Board’s dimensions and select the equipment being fitted That’s it! Add Vent sizes and reduce internal temperatures, it’s so Easy-to-Use.
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    Co-ordination & Discrimination Study:
    Now it’s Quick and Easy to Plot and display all Your Fuse/Circuit Breaker trip curves. Adjust pickup and instantaneous settings to achieve full coordination. Curves to ANSI and IEC Standard, printout tables and log/log displays.
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